December Exhibit

“Nature Heals: Restore, Renew, Reconnect”

Delaware Highlands Conservancy Third Annual Photo Contest

November 12th _  December 7th

Through summer 2020, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy held its third annual juried photo contest, “Nature Heals: Restore, Renew, Reconnect.” The contest invited local photographers to capture striking nature photos from the Upper Delaware River region in five categories: landscape, wildlife, macro, water, and new this year, a youth category for photographers under 18.

The Conservancy is pleased to announce the winners of the contest. In the landscape category, winner – Jeffrey Sidle, Hawley, PA; runners-up – Pat Ashley, Mt. Laurel, NJ and Laurie Lobbregt, Milford, PA. Wildlife category, winner – Kathleen Colligan, Beach Lake, PA; runners-up – Cristina Marchello, East Stroudsburg, PA and Kathe Williams, Hawley, PA. Water category, winners (tie for first place) – John Musick, Gloucester, VA, and Stacy Cohen, White Lake, NY; runner-up – Peter Kolesar, Yulan, NY. Macro category, winner – Melissa Olivo Heller, Matamoras, PA; runners up – Jonathan Fox, White Lake, NY and Ann LeFevre, East Stroudsburg, PA. Youth category winners are Jesse Berman, age 12; Lorelei Maerz, age 6; and Reilly Mooney, age 16. The People’s Choice winners are Jeffrey Sidle, Hawley, PA and Kathleen Colligan, Beach Lake, PA and the Conservancy Staff Pick is Milicent Wightman, Beach Lake, PA.

October Exhibit

In October the ARTery Gallery will be presenting the annual exhibit of two of its longtime members, Randall FitzGerald and Marie Liu. Their artwork compliments each other in their focus on the natural world, love of the environment and our collective attachment to it.

Randall FitzGerald is a biologists and artists who studies life on the planet from both a scientific and aesthetic viewpoint. His love of nature permeates both his professional and artistic life, and consequently most of the fine art he produces reflects the intimacy he enjoy with the natural world. Constantly exploring the limits of the media with which he works, using ink and acrylics, he creates unique pieces of artwork that please the eye and move the soul.  Over the years, Randall has worked hand-in-hand with his artist wife, Nancy, to produce his artwork.  Together, Randall and Nancy have enjoyed numerous awards for their work which have been published and exhibited worldwide.

The current exhibit includes works from Rural America, exploring our connection with the land that nourishes all of us. For these works of art, Randall has employed what he calls a “Photo Pictorial” process that starts with a photograph. The photograph is optimized using PhotoShop and then painted using a variety of digital brushes found in Corel Painter. The resulting artwork is then printed on canvas using archival inks and then enhanced with acrylic paint before applying a coat of acrylic gel medium for preservation. I think you will agree that these unique creations from Rural America are compelling and generate a special viewer experience.

Marie Liu, known for her images of the Poconos environs, is pleased to be exhibiting her most recent large oil painting of the Great Council Tree of Walpack NJ. which describes the history surrounding this 450 year old oak tree through imagery of a 17th century map, William Penn, the Lenape, Delaware Water Gap, and images taken from and inspired by the Peaceable Kingdom paintings by Quaker artist Edward Hicks.

Alongside this she will be also exhibiting her paintings that pay homage to Gifford Pinchot, the history of the region, and her landscape and waterfall paintings that she has been producing for over a decade.  For this exhibit, Marie and Randall have designed a fine art print “Waterfalls of the Poconos” which includes 9 images of Maries waterfall paintings.


The gallery invites the public to a wine and refreshments reception on Saturday, October 10 from 6 – 9 pm.  

The exhibit will be on display from Oct. 8 – Nov. 9.
210 Broad St. Milford PA 18337
Hours: Thursday – Sunday 11 – 6, Monday 11 – 3
(570) 409-6754.  FB: artergallerymilfordpa

September Exhibit

The ARTery Gallery in Milford will launch it’s next exhibit featuring artists Helen Hwang and Laura Dudes.  The show title “East Meets West” describes the vastly different styles of painting and imagery, based on their cultural differences.  Helen, from South Korea will display her elegant ink and watercolor paintings of landscapes and flowers on paper.  While Laura, an American artist, will be presenting her brightly colored, textured abstract and representational paintings, along with her new series which focuses on happy memories through America’s pop culture images.  “This interesting exhibit serves to compare cultural differences in philosophy and symbology, that are revealed through both artists work and brought to our attention by their proximity at the gallery.  All artists create through the lens of their experiences and personality and all cultures have their own unique aesthetic, which gives us a glorious diversity here at the ARTery Gallery.” says curator Marie Liu.
As a graphic designer for 25 years, Laura Dudes created designs for iconic companies such as Crayola, M&M Mars, BASF and Johnson & Johnson and had designs that sold in Macy’s. Turning her focus to fine art a few years ago, she has been painting with acrylic and other mediums to create her bright, textured and cheerful paintings. Laura adds “With recent events that have made life stressful for everyone, I have been working on a new series depicting happy childhood memories. When I was a kid I would draw and make things in front of the TV. My newest series depicts television sets in rooms that are obviously from past decades. I’ve really enjoyed painting shag carpeting, mid-century modern televisions and mushroom clocks along with the familiar shows playing on the screen. I just want people to smile when they see my work and be reminded of happy times”.
Helen Yeoshin Hwang, an Asian artist (that is, one who practices Asian art) enjoys a simple life while putting flowers and nature to paper. She communes with the many surrounding flowers, mountains, and other natural entities, while bringing them gracefully to the page. Her images are not of the highly technical, pretty variety, but are instead imbued with a sense of technique without being overly showy. Her paintings implement traditional India ink designs on rice paper, but with a modern twist. They are the result of her communion with art, supported by her deep meditations as well as her desire to paint from a young age. She has transcended the skill of representing the forms of her subjects, to the level of depicting their essence and spirit. For example, you can see in the many brushstrokes being employed that there is a sense that she is communicating with them in the process, as she molds them to be as delicate as they are.
Helen’s work is filled with the essence of the flowers and nature that she loves so much. She forms images from a range of natural subjects such as various kinds of flowers, hills, open fields, low mountain ridges, brooks, and trees. On a backdrop of natural forms, she gently shows her poetic inspirations regarding these subjects. She always takes a relaxed approach to the subjects and feels fresh inspiration, and regards them with both a serene, unselfish mind as well as an earnest fondness.
Both artists works are bound to elicit a strong emotional response from the viewers. Whether it be peaceful and contemplative or cheerful images making you smile, laugh or remember, the visitors will find images that speak to them and bring them joy. The gallery invites the public to join them at the reception on Saturday, September 12 from 6 – 9 pm for refreshments and to meet the artists. 

July Exhibit

The ARTery Gallery invites you to an opening reception as artist member, Claude Larson, exhibits her latest collection, titled “Essential Connections”. These works were produced from materials on hand when regular sources of supplies became temporarily unavailable. Ample free time and solitude gave rise to abundant creative experimentation.  Breaking free from the monotony of the social restrictions that kept everyone isolated, Claude took to her studio and looked for divergent ideas through exploratory design, diverse color palettes and a transformation in process. Stepping out of the usual random process that drives Claude’s past work, these pieces are more analytic in nature and deliberate in process. Selecting very limited color palettes in both her textile and acrylic pieces and trying unusual combinations to push her creative abilities gave rise to this body of work. It is a representation of the silent voice of art that keeps us connected to ourselves and each other.  This show will be on exhibit and sale at The ARTery from July 9 through August 3rd, with an extended afternoon/evening reception scheduled for Saturday, July 11th from 3 – 8 pm to allow adequate space for visitors as they connect with the art and the artist.  The exhibit will also be viewable on the gallery’s Facebook page

June Exhibit

The first post-quarantine exhibit at the ARTery Gallery in Milford, “Glimpses of Soho” will be presented in June. Featuring three talented member artists, Liza J. Smith-Simpson, Madeline Tully and Chris Hobbs, the show emphasizes the importance of hoping for a brighter future even in the midst of edginess and sadness. When we think of Soho of the 1970’s, we think of a bohemian lifestyle that is free to explore new styles of art in the midst of chaos. The theme “Glimpses of Soho” is a reminder to all of us that true hardship breeds passion and creativity. The artists want to make this their tribute of hope to the New York City area. A tribute of encouragement to all that have gone above and beyond the call of duty and to show respect to all those that we have lost.  The show will be an eclectic mixture of art by three very different artists.

Madeline Tully, whether painting in watercolor or oil paint, uses striking color and a style that can be reminiscent of the Old Masters or Impressionists.  Her nostalgic work, like a memory, takes you back to that beautiful summer walk in the garden or city street, and like a fond memory, makes you feel happy.  Viewing them, one can feel her love of natural settings and smell the fragrant flowers.

Madeline is an early member of the ARTery. Her formal training in art began at Washington Irving High School of Design in New York City, followed by oil painting for 8 years at the Forest Park School of Art under Robert Burrell. She took classes in watercolor at the Jackson Heights Art School for 5 years with Bob Moffett. She continued advanced watercolor training with Matilda Gretch and training in oils with Marie Liu. She has exhibited her beautiful work in NY and PA galleries.

Liza J. Smith-Simpson constructs both collage abstracts and lyrical landscapes with a rich and interesting color palette.  She uses a variety of substrates, mediums and styles interchangeably.  With a great love and respect for the grandeur of the world around her, she derives her subject matter from the places she has visited and places she would like to visit.  Going back in time and into the future with her “Flight Paths” series, “Flight Paths XI” commemorates the first USA moon landing and will be featured in this exhibit.

After living in NYfor a short period of time, she came back to her beloved Sussex County, New Jersey where she has continued painting local scenes for over 15 years. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Caldwell University, she has since branched out of her comfort zone to change careers several times. She says, “Having successfully worked in all mediums and genre, I resist being put into any single category.” She studied watercolor, design and drawing with Hyo Chong Yoo at Upsala College and continues to take art workshops. Her paintings have been exhibited widely and have received numerous awards.

Chris Hobbs, a long time New Yorker, creates unique interpretations of iconic buildings and places as well as geometric abstracts, with vibrantly colored, three dimensional pen and ink art.  This process is constructed of multiple layers of hand-colored graphics on paper stock which is assembled in layers and presented against a colored background in deep shadow box frames.  The hours he spends making a single piece are too numerous to keep track of.

He started out doodling and making little drawings, until his wife encouraged him to do them on paper rather than on the back of napkins. As his work became more and more complex, he developed his own unique art form which amazes all gallery visitors. Chris, an inexhaustible and diverse person, also works as an arborist, softball umpire, and in real estate, as well as exhibiting his work throughout the country, which has won many awards.

The exhibit will be on display from June 11 through July 8, with an extended afternoon/evening reception scheduled for Saturday, June 20 from 3 – 8 pm (to lessen crowd size). Due to current uncertainty, the scheduled gallery reception is tentative, so call, check the website or Facebook page for updates as it gets closer. The exhibit will also be viewable on the galleries Facebook page.


March Exhibit

2020 Vision

March 13th – April 6th, 2020
Reception:  Cancelled (We hope to have it at a later date)
You are free to come in and view the exhibit on your own.

Kaitlyn Nagrowski


For nearly a decade, the ARTery Gallery has been host to an annual exhibit for the art students of Delaware Valley High School.  This year is no exception, with the exhibit “2020 Vision” on display for an entire month beginning in March.  The public is invited to the reception on Saturday evening March 14 to meet the young artists and view their fabulous creations.

Coordinated by the art teachers and members of the cooperative gallery, the show is enthusiastically anticipated and a highpoint of the gallery’s year.  The students have the opportunity to experience exhibiting in a professional gallery setting and selling their work, while the gallery enjoys opening it’s space to new and exciting work by the next generation of creators.  The community always comes out in force to support the young artists and revel in their unique expressions and ideas about their world and themselves.
It is important to show support for this healthy means of expression, maybe now more than ever.  Learning about and understanding the creative process is valuable no Samantha Hadleymatter what one does in life.  DVHS has a strong and varied arts program, which is becoming rarer these days in a lot of high schools.  The students works are featured in competitions and exhibits throughout the region, state and country, receiving awards and encouragement.  Many go on to college and continue their art studies, and even more will hopefully continue to use the arts to bring them joy and satisfaction throughout their lives.  “I’ve found the art teachers at DVHS to be so committed and enthusiastic about their mission, going far beyond their duties at school to provide this kind of experience for their students and really deserve our appreciation,” says Marie Liu, the ARTery’s exhibit coordinator.


Marie is reminded of her own experiences as a young artist in college, “when you are
grasping at ideas that express your new understanding of a confusing world, the worktends to be very personal, symbolic and raw.  A student is learning about many new mediums and honing their skills but haven’t yet fit themselves into a specific tract, which is why the work in this show is so exciting”.  From sweet or thoughtful expressions of their own interior and exterior worlds to racy social commentary, the exhibit is sure to excite all gallery visitors.


The exhibit will feature paintings, drawings, printmaking, collage, photography, computer graphics, hand built pottery, jewelry, textiles and sculpture.


Sammy Baisley

February Exhibit

Celebrating the Arts

“Celebrating the Arts”, an open juried exhibit at the ARTery Gallery in Milford will be on exhibit from Feb. 7 – March 7.  This annual event gives the gallery an opportunity to open it’s doors to regional artists who are not members of the cooperative.  Started over 20 years ago, the ARTery has a unique and successful formula, with the artist members owning and operating the exhibit space located in the historic Forest Hall Building in the charming town of Milford PA.  The gallery strives to collaborate with local organizations and fellow artists to present new and exciting exhibits throughout the year.

Last years juried exhibit was a huge success, with over 85 chosen works of art by dozens of emerging and well known regional artists.  The public is cordially invited to attend the opening reception for refreshments on Saturday, Feb. 8th from 6 – 9 pm.  The exhibiting artists will be in attendance so you can meet them and learn about their work and process.  This promises to be an exciting evening where creative souls and art lovers meet, so mark your calendars and join us for an evening with the artists!

First, second and third place awards will be presented during the reception.  Voting will begin for People’s Choice award and continue through the month.  The award packages will be a combination of donated gift cards from local establishments such as the Water Wheel Cafe, Dimmick Inn, Milford Diner, Frisky Goat Coffee, Hotel Fauchere, Artisan Exchange and art supplies from companies such as Liquitex, Strathmore and Golden.  All winning pieces will remain on exhibit through March.

November Exhibit

Delaware Highlands Conservancy

The ARTery Gallery and Delaware Highlands Conservancy will once again collaborate to present the winners of the Conservancy’s Annual Photography Contest.  Seventeen winning photos will be on exhibit at the gallery from Nov. 7 to Dec. 9.  The opening reception will be held on Sat. November 9 from 1 – 4 pm.  The public is invited to attend this free event for refreshments, to meet the photographers and the staff of the Conservancy.

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy is an accredited land trust, dedicated to conserving the natural heritage and quality of life in the Upper Delaware River in partnership with the region’s landowners and communities.  With offices on both sides of the Delaware River in Hawley, PA and Bethel, NY, they have protected over 15,000 acres with 80 conservation easements to date. These lands include working farms and woodlands, boggy wetlands, hunting clubs, small fruit orchards, experimental forests, streams and riverbanks.They offer a variety of popular programs including Woman in Their Woods, Walk in Penn’s Woods group hikes, Eagle Watch tours, and the annual photography contest to name a few.

The Conservancy invited photographers to capture and submit their striking nature inspired photos of the region in four categories: landscape, wildlife, water and macro images.  Seeking to showcase the diverse wildlife, plants and special places in the Upper Delaware Valley, and its mission to save these treasures for future generations.

Submissions were judged by a panel of professionals:  Nancy Kiesendahl Bloch, co-owner and president of Kiesendahl + Calhoun Fine Art Ltd; Mary Sue Sweeney Price, Director Emerita of the Newark Museum; David Soete, former Sr. Research Specialist with the Upper Delaware Council and nature photographer; and Marta Hallett, president and CEO of Glitterati Editions, a NYC based publisher of distinctive fine art and culture books.

The ARTery Gallery, a 20 year artists cooperative in the heart of Milford has been proud to collaborate with local organizations to present exciting exhibits that involve the community with the arts.

October Exhibit

Progressive Health of Pennsylvania in Milford is pleased to present an art exhibit at the ARTery Gallery in October.  The art work was created by a group of their clients under the direction of Claude Larson, a mixed media artist and member of the ARTery.  Libby Cotterill, an employee at Progressive and also the Director of the gallery, was instrumental in putting this collaboration together.

The client – artists made their own papers, creating abstract and representational mixed media collages mounted on cradle boards.  They learned and incorporated various painting techniques, elements of design and finishing methods for their pieces.  The public is invited to view these vibrant, beautiful creations and meet the artists at a reception featuring appetizers and cider on Thursday, October 10
from 1 – 3 pm.  The display will be on view until November 4.


Progressive Health of PA is an integral member of the community of Milford.  Since 1994, Progressive has been at the forefront of developing programs that engage theirclients and integrates them with local opportunities, including the arts and volunteerism.